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Puma TRC Balze Court

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The Puma Playmaker TRC Blaze Court is a very underrated performance basketball shoe, and perhaps Puma’s best hoop shoe in 2023. With the Puma TRC Blaze Court you get a really great dual-density cushioning system that combines Trinomic foam and Profoam. On top of that, you get an effective and grippy traction system and nice support features. Durability can be an issue so keep that in mind. Read the full review. Price: $120 $79

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Puma MB 02

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The Puma Playmaker MB 02 was one of the most anticipated performance basketball shoes of 2023. The second signature shoe of the Charlotte Hornets superstar, LaMelo Ball followed the Puma MB 01 which was the best basketball shoe of last year, so the MB 02 had a very high standard to meet… and didn’t. The shoe is not terrible, the Puma MB 02 features good traction, a dense and reactive cushioning system, and not-so-great materials and support features. When you compare it to the previous model, which might not be fair, it is clearly a step behind. Watch the full review. Price: $130

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Puma Playmaker Pro

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The Puma Playmaker Pro is Puma’s most affordable hoop shoe in 2023., retailing for just $80. For the price, you get a pretty well-performing hoop shoe: traction is excellent, but won’t be the most durable outdoors, cushioning, provided by a slab of Profoam, which is reactive almost to the point of feeling neutral, and support is just enough to get you where you are going. But the best feature of the shoe by far is the shoes materials. You get a mix of textiles and synthetic leather overlays with some small premium suede esthetic details. Watch the full review. Price: $80

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