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Latest Under Armour Basketball Shoes

Under Armour Curry 10

The Under Armour Curry 10 is an improved version of an already great shoe, the Curry 9. The Curry signature line has featured Under Armour’s Flow technology since the Curry 8, and the Curry 10 is no different. The shoe features Under Armour’s Flow cushioning/ traction system which offers great impact protection, a seamless ride from heel to toe, and incredible traction. It’s perfect for guards as it’s almost like a running shoe beefed up for basketball. The Curry 10 also features an upgraded Warp 2.0 upper that’s super comfortable. Read full review. Price: $160

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Under Armour Curry 2 / Curry 2 Flotro

The Under Armour Curry 2 is back once again and it is better than ever. The Curry 2 originally release back in 2015 and was an excellent on-cout performance model, and this version is practically identical. The OG Curry offers elite traction, reactive and stable cushioning (which is slightly plusher than the 2015 version), and an improved fit.

If that weren’t enough we also have an upgraded version of the shoe with the Under Armour Curry 2 Flotro. The Flotro version of the shoe comes with UA’s FLow technology and is a slightly better option if we are talking about on-court performance. Price: $160.

Under Armour Flow FUTR X 2

Under Armour Flow FUTR X 2
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The Under Armour Flow FUTR X 2 nearly uses FLOW with some tweaks. It’s cool that we can get almost the same technology at a lower price point. The upper is made up of a full textile upper. Know that there is some break-in time needed, but it’s only about one session. There’s also micro-molded mesh in the rear section and tiny bits of synthetics. Great if you’re looking to try Flow without spending too much. Read the full review. Price: $120

Top Under Armour Models

Best Under Armour Basketball Shoe Overall

Under Armour Curry 10

The Under Armour Curry 10 is easily Under Armour’s best hoop shoe. That Flow midsole, upgraded upper, and all round great design make this an easy pick. Read full review. Price: $160

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Best Outdoor Unde Armour Basketball Shoe

Under Armour Spawn 4

The Under Armour Spawn 4 is a guard-specific shoe and you’ll quickly figure that out once you put them on your feet. The midsole is full-length MicroG which is comfortable. The heel portion of the midsole is rounded much like the Nike Giannis Immortality 2. The materials are basic with flexible nylon woven mesh consisting all of the upper with additional fuse overlays for durability purposes. Be careful with the fit, though. Many will want to go down half a size due to significant toe box dead space. Read the full review. Price: $110

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Under Armour Athletes

Under Armour History

Under Armour was created because Plank, who played football at the University of Maryland, wanted to upgrade the practice gear to improve performance and comfort for the athletes.  The first innovation Under Armour became known for was a T-shirt made with a moisture-wicking synthetic fabric to be worn under the player’s pads to keep athletes cool, dry, and light.

Since then, Under Armour has become one of the leading athletic footwear and apparel brands in the world and signed such athletes as Stephen Curry, Tom Brady, Joel Embiid and even celebrities like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

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