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Our cofounders, Chris Chase and Drew Whitcomb, started WearTesters in 2011 because they couldn’t find accurate and informative shoe reviews online.

Today, WearTesters is the #1 shoes, athletics apparel, and sporting goods review site.

We publish comprehensive footwear, apparel, sporting goods and athletic technology reviews. The detailed review and testing process used by our veteran team of weartesters is designed to provide recommendations and insights that help people determine the best shoes and apparel for them. Our primary goal is to help our readers save time and money.

Because of our expertise and recommendations, many readers make purchasing decisions based on the information we provide. Because our readers rely on us for accurate reviews, we maintain independence from brands and offer straightforward and honest opinions on all the products we test.

If a purchase is made using our links, our work is sometimes (but not always) supported with affiliate commissions from retailers. If you don’t like the product and return it to the retailer, our commission zeroes out. We recommend the best products regardless of whether we have an affiliate relationship. All of our retail partners are told our number one commitment is to our readers. Without our readers, WearTesters wouldn’t be where it is today. The trust readers give us is key. It allows us do what we love on a daily basis and we’re dedicated to protecting that trust.

If you have questions that weren’t answered by a review on the site, please email or tweet at us. Our staff loves reviewing your questions and helping you find the right footwear and athletic products.

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Meet the Team

Nightwing2303 loves kicks and performance. He is the Founder of WearTesters.com and enjoys sharing his love and passion for sneakers… one review at a time.
The creator of the WearTesters name and original site, head of operations, and running shoes reviewer. Find me in my home office, running, or chatting on the WearTesters Discord.
Jalique Gabay, or simply “Leak”. Dad. North Carolina native. Now a pickleballer. Follow me on IG @redwolfpickleball and Twitter @redwolf_pb
Jodi believes a 10k a day keeps the doctors away. When she isn’t putting in the miles, she’s running things behind the scenes here at WearTesters. She loves her family, shoes, the beach, and dad jokes. Lots of dad jokes.
Evan is a basketball and kicks fanatic, and host of Weartesters en Español based in Spain. He’s worked as a marketing director for Spain’s ACB pro team, BCA MoraBanc Andorra, and for the Spanish Basketball Federation during the 2014 Basketball World Cup. As a life-long hooper, Evan is all…
Filipino-American who is drawn to storytelling and continuous learning. If you like basketball, shoes, and movies, then we’re basically friends.
I’m a sneaker and basketball junkie based in Illinois. I spend lots of time behind cameras.
Arune is a twenty-year veteran of the entertainment industry and is Director of Brand, Editorial for Skybound Entertainment. He was previously an exec at Marvel, Syfy, and BOOM! Studios. You can find his published writing in various graphic novels and nonfiction books. Follow him on social…
Volleyball player and sneaker enthusiast. I made VolleyKicks to start the conversation around performance volleyball footwear, and now I’m bringing volleyball shoe reviews to WearTesters.
Bryan Hinkle, aka Duke4005, has been playing ball any and every where around Dallas/Fort Worth for over half his life. His favorite shoe ever is the Nike Air Maestro and his favorite player is Grant Hill.
Formerly known as @NyJumpman23 – I’m a Sneaker Enthusiast who has Brand product tested footwear for Nike/Jordan Brand/Brandblack. Currently, resides in New York & is a huge basketball, Michael Jordan fan, & currently working on products that will (hopefully) be in your future…
I’m an Atlanta native who primarily runs (mid-pack, on a good day) as an excuse to buy shoes and keep a fresh rotation. I’m an occasional sneakerhead (when the silhouette is right) and an eBay fanatic since 2004.
Ashley Mateo is an award-winning journalist whose writing has appeared in such outlets as The Wall Street Journal, TIME, Runner’s World, Women’s Running, Men’s Journal, and more. Ashley is a RRCA- and UESCA-certified running coach. She lives in Denver.
Hybrid athlete and content creator based in the NYC area. Occasional contributor at WearTesters, because who doesn’t love trying out new shoes and gear??
Sam is a Salt Lake City local who spends a lot of his free time stomping out the trails. When he’s not on the Bonneville Shoreline he’s at the climbing gym or aggressively cheering for the Utah Jazz. He loves all things gear.
Known as SneakerWeb on YouTube he’s big into the technical aspect of footwear as seen on his Gimmick or Legit videos. Always adds a nerdy twist and is big into basketball and comics.
Outside of my family, I love golf more than anything else. I just wish it loved me back. I have a passion and desire to become the best player I can and I love finding the equipment and gear to help take me to the next level.