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Latest Nike Shoe Reviews

Nike Mac Attack Retro

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The Mac Attack is a cult classic for sneakerheads, and the retro does a bang up job of paying tribute to the original model. The Nike Mack Attack was actually the signature shoe of the “bad boy of tennis” John McEnroe, and similarly to the banned Jordan’s this colorway was created to break the dress code of the major tennis tournaments. We have a similar traction pattern to the Air Jordan 1, just adapted for tennis. Within the rubber cupsole, there is no Air unit, as this is a Nike product and not a Nike Air product. Materials and overall build are on point as well, and the shoe fits true to size. Price: $120

Nike Air Flight Huarache 2023

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The Nike Nike Air Flight Huarache 2023 is the basketball version of an iconic running sneaker and were made famous by Michigan’s Fab 5 during the early 90’s. The shoe was co-designed by 2 legendary Nike designers: Tinker Hatfield and Eric Avar. In fact, it was the first basketball shoe Eric Avar worked on for Nike. The shoe beefs up everything that was great in the running version to make these apt for playing basketball. You have a great durable traction setup that will work well both indoors and outdoors, forefoot and heel encapsulated Air units, and that classic lightweight deconstructed upper. Materials are also on point in this version of the shoe. The Nike Air Flight Huarache 2023 fits true to size, but it does fit very snugly, so keep that in mind. Price: $130

Nike Cosmic Unity 3

nike cosmic unity
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The Nike Cosmic Unity 3 is a very interesting performance basketball model. It is made with at least 20% recycled materials, it’s equipped with a very tough outsole, and it comes with a drop-in midsole. That durable outsole seems like it will hold up very well outdoors, but that drop-in midsole cushioning is on the neutral side, which isn’t ideal for outdoor use. The shoe is also equipped with a pretty substantial TPU shank plate that keeps the shoe stable and zippy, and the recycled upper does its job well. Price: $170

Nike Zoom Pegasus 40

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The Nike Zoom Pegasus 40, as the name indicates, is the 40th iteration of this model, and if a shoe has hung around so long it’s for a reason. The Pegasus 40 is tremendously comfortable (the shoes feature a react foam midsole and a forefoot Zoom Air unit) and offers really great, webbed traction. The main issue with the shoe is the fit. The Pegasus 40 fits rather narrow and has a rather narrow forefoot. So first off, this might not be the best option for wide-footers, and the more narrow last doesn’t help in the stability department. These two details might not effect everybody, but it is something you should keep in mind. Price: $130

Nike Air Foamposite One Penny PE

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Sneakerheads rejoice! we finally got this colorway of the Foamposite, a colorway that we have been waiting for since 1997. It is not exactly like the original PE but it’s pretty darn close. We have all the Penny branding you could want, full-length herringbone traction, a giant carbon fiber spring plate, and that classic Foamposite upper that molds to your foot. One change we find is a new eyestay area that features not-so-great leather instead of nubuck, and we have no blue stripe down the middle either. We have a double lasted midsole with full-length zoom air plus an added unit in the heel. Price: $250

Nike Air Max 1 “Big Bubble”

Nike Air Max 1 big bubble
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Now, this is storytelling! The Nike Air Max 1 “Big Bubble” is an excellent retro model. The Nike Air Max 1 originally dropped all the way back in 1986, and it originally dropped exactly as we see in this model. we have a VERY comfortable polyurethane midsole, the sleeker toe box, and that giant air bubble in the heel. We also have an encapsulated zoom air unit in the forefoot. The reason why this shoe looks slightly different from the Nike Air Max 1 we all know and love, is because that version was defective and re-designed later. As far as materials go we have a fully synthetic upper (which is true to the OG) that combines textiles and synthetic suede. An awesome little piece of Nike history. Price: $150

Nike Zoom Generation

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The Nike Zoom Generation is LeBron James’ first signature shoe and was originally released 20 years ago. The shoe was designed by three legendary Nike designers and is a top-notch performance model as well as a nostalgia overload.

The Nike Zoom generation is equipped with a beefy solid rubber outsole with an aggressive outdoor-friendly herringbone traction pattern. We have a phylon midsole with a heel Air unit and a forefoot Zoom Air unit, which are extremely comfortable, and on top of that a really great insole. The upper combines synthetic leather and Cordura mesh which is great for those of us who appreciate 2000-ish shoe builds. Lastly, the Nike Zoom Generation fits true to size. Price: $180

The Nike JA 1 is Ja Morant’s first signature shoe with Nike and it is a shoe with a lot of potential to be an excellent on-court performer, but at the same time is not an automatic home run. On foot it feels a lot like a Kyrie shoe. We have a nice reactive cushioning setup that combines a Phylon midsole and a smell rectangular zoom unit in the forefoot. The shoe’s traction looks aggressive, and the rubber is relatively tough and tacky which is a great sign, and this will most likely be the shoe’s best feature. Materials are the shoe’s weakest feature, but also, you cant expect much out of a shoe at this price point. Read the full review. Price: $110

The Union X Jordan AJKO

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This is the very first low-top AJKO, and these are way nicer than we could have expected. This is the second colorway of the shoe and this version of the shoe has really great materials. The outsole and midsole are built with the same rubber, and unlike a traditional Air Jordan 1 low, there is no air unit for cushioning.

AJKO stands for Air Jordan Knock Off and traditionally AJKOs come in canvas. These come in some really nice textured leather. Really nice. They come with interchangeable Nike swooshes and the shoe fits true to size. Watch the full review. Price: $180

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Nike Flyknit Invincible Run 3

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The Nike Flyknit Invincible Run 3 is one of the most comfortable shoes ever, and that’s because of that thick slab of Zoom X. Zoom X is Nike’s best foam cushioning system and in this model, there is a ton of it. Now, these might not be the most stable shoes out there, and therefore, not the best option as a runner, but casually they are a dream. You also get web traction, which is very reminiscent of the adidas Utraboost, great torsional support, and an ok Flightnit upper that is covered in plastic which doesn’t allow the shoe to completely conform well to your foot. This is one of the bounciest shoes we have tested since the Nike Zoom GT Jump. Watch the full review. Price: $180

Nike LeBron Nxxt Gen

nile lebron nxxt gen
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The Nike LeBron Nxxt Gen is the takedown version of the Nike LeBron 20 and it is an excellent takedown model. Budget versions of signature shoes can be pretty disappointing tech-wise, but that is not the case with the Nike LeBron Nxxt Gen.

You get almost everything you get in the LeBron 20, just at a considerably lower price. Considering that the Nike LeBron 20 is one of the best basketball shoes of the year, that is high praise. Watch the full review. Price: $160

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Nike Penny 2 Football Grey

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The Nike Penny 2 Football Grey is a pretty excellent retro model from Nike. It is always great to see Nike bring back the Penny 2, and this version is great. This Penny 2 is part of 2023’s all-star pack. Nike released all-star versions of their main signature shoes of the year and several mid 90’s models.

Even though this isn’t an OG colorway nor does it feature OG materials. OG Penny 2’s don’t feature leather, but the leather on these is more than decent, and the all-around design is sleek. Nike also didn’t skimp out tech-wise like in other retro models. We have a zoom air unit in the forefoot and Air Max Unit in the heel. If you actually wanted to play in these, you definitely could. The shoe is very pricy though, but it is almost worth it to get your hands on this classic silhouette. Watch the full review. Price: $200

Nike KD 3 All-Star

Nike KD 3 all star
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The Nike KD 3 All-Star is back! we are not exactly sure why they chose to retro this particular model, but hey, it’s a great shoe, so no complaints. This shoe was originally part of Nike’s All-Star pack back in 2010 and it was a pretty decent on court performance model.

The KD 3 comes equipped with the exact same tech specs as back then (no matter what Nike says in their product description). We have a very nice and grippy outsole, a forefoot zoom air unit, a phylon midsole, and synthetic but functional materials on the upper. The phylon in this model feels much better in this pair than on the OG version which is a nice upgrade. Watch the full review for the complete breakdown. Price: $130

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Nike Dunk Jumbo

nike dunk jumbo
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The Nike Dunk is one of Nike’s most iconic silhouettes and it just got a major upgrade tech upgrade. We are finally getting modern-day tech in all sorts of retro models. But, in this case at least, it comes at a pretty hefty cost. And the fact of the matter is that these are horrendous looking.

But at least we get some nice authentic leather and that full-length air unit. So, if you dig the look, these will be a nice pick-up. Price: $120

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Top Nike Models

Nike Basketball

Nike KD 15

The Nike KD 15 is a great performer, just like its predecessor. The same tech specs that we came to love are back. The foam midsole is Cushlon, which is soft and plush, and on top of that foam is the full-length Nike Zoom Air Strobel that feels like springs under your feet. The materials have changed slightly, though they’re still breathable and flexible. It’s an excellent follow-up to the already great performer, the Nike KD 14. See the full review. Price: $150

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Nike Training

Nike Metcon Turbo 2
Nike Metcon Turbo 2

The Nike Metcon Turbo 2 packs a lot of attractive aspects. First is the cushioning. It’s sort of the cross training version of the Nike GT Cut 2. We have a removable React drop-in midsole with Zoom Air in the forefoot. Second is the shoe’s stability. The wide base keeps you stable for most movements, especially lateral ones. The third is the traction. The rubber outsole does not have any gaps. It’s rubber everywhere. Wherever and whenever you land, you’ll grip the floor. Read the full review. Price: $150

Reasons to buy: Awesome cushion, broad base, excellent traction

Reasons not to buy: Lack of arch support

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Nike Running

Nike Air Zoom Vomero 16
Nike Air Zoom Vomero 16

The Nike Air Zoom Vomero 15 never got a wide release in the US, but the Vomero 16 did. It feels like a more plush, more comfortable, and more accommodating version of the Pegasus 38. The shoe features a ZoomX core, a durable outsole, and a comfortable upper. If we add in the top-notch support features (beefy heel counter & wide base), we have a winner of a shoe. It’s on the more expensive side, so that’s something to consider.  Price: $150

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Nike Volleyball

Nike Lebron 20

The Nike Lebron 20 is an enormous shift in the Lebron sneaker line. The days of huge Air cushions and heavy, cumbersome designs is over. Lebron wasn’t even wearing the Lebron 19s on the court. The Lebron 20, on the other hand, is extremely popular, and for good reason. The best part: they perform just as great on the volleyball court.

With the LeBron 20 you get amazing traction, elite cushioning, and the years best fitting volleyball shoe. The LeBron 20 is a bit pricy but this is one of the rare occasions that the shoe is really actually worth the price. Price: $200

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