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Top 10+ Best Basketball Shoes for Point Guards 2023

best basketball shoes for point guards

There are many different criteria for choosing basketball shoes. You may be into low-tops or high tops, you may have flat feet or wide feet, or maybe you just go with your favorite brand. One good way of finding basketball shoes that will work for you is by sorting through shoes that were designed to cater to your playing style. To that end, in this article, we will go over the best basketball shoes for point guards.

Point guards tend to be lighter, faster, and shiftier players. This style of play is better accommodated by shoes that have great multidirectional traction, low profile responsive cushioning, and a flexible yet supportive upper. The traction should be able to keep up with all of your changes of direction, the cushioning should be just enough to offer impact protection, but not so much that it slows you down, and the support should keep your foot safely in the footbed.

With all this in mind, we have sifted through the hundreds of models we test each season and picked out the top sneaker models that excel in these aspects. So, with all that being said, let’s get right into the best basketball shoes for point guards.

We’ve already listed the best basketball shoes for shooting guards, the best basketball shoes for small forwards, the best basketball shoes for centers, and the best basketball shoes for power forwards. Now we’re going to dive into the best basketball shoes for point guards.

Updated: 06.01.2023

Best Basketball Shoes for Point Guards Overall 2023

Best Basketball Shoe for Point Guards

Jordan Luka 1

The Jordan Luka 1 was highly rated by our team, and that’s saying a lot. Luka Doncic and the Jordan design team did well on this one. Jordan Brand used the Luka 1 to introduce its newest foam: Formula 23. Right off the bat, you’ll feel how comfortable it is underfoot. Support is an obvious priority with the IsoPlate system acting as torsional support while really beefing up lateral support for extra support on stepbacks and defensive slides. That’s perfect for quick, shifty point guards. And at $110 ($120 for the special editions), you get a lot of performance for the money. Read the full review. Price: $110

Total Score
Buy Jordan Luka 1

Nike Kyrie Low 5

The Nike Kyrie Low 5 might look very similar to this year’s flagship Kyrie, the Nike Kyrie Infinity, but it’s a very different shoe. The Kyrie Infinity is great, one of the best of the year, but even though it was designed for a shifty point guard like Kyrie Irving, the Kyrie Low 5 features better point guard-centric features. As the name suggests, they are low cut and have a more subdued and responsive cushion set up with a Zoom Air unit in the forefoot and a foam midsole. Traction and support are excellent, and you just feel more agile on the court. Probably the best pair of basketball shoes for point guards right now. Read full review. Price: $110

Total Score
Buy Nike Kyrie Low 5

Curry 10

The Curry 10 tweaked the slight shortcomings of an already great shoe, the Curry 9. Steph Curry’s signature line is one of the most consistent signature lines out there, and the Curry 10 is another highlight.

One of the main features is the Under Armour’s Flow cushioning/ traction system (also featured on the Curry 9). Flow offers great impact protection and a seamless ride from heel to toe. The shoe is lightweight and feels more like a reinforced running shoe. The Curry 10 also features an improved and more supportive upper called Warp 2.0. Read full review. Price: $160

Total Score
Buy Curry 10

Nike Kyrie 8 (Infinity)

The Nike Kyrie 8 is an awesome all-around performance model and the best shoe in Kyrie’s signature line alongside the Kyrie 6. The shoe offers a great blend of features including a large volume forefoot Zoom strobel unit and another standard unit in the heel. On top of that, you get excellent lockdown and some premium materials along the upper.

The traction does take some time to break in, so keep that in mind, and the cushioning system is more on the plush side, but that doesn’t stop it from being an amazing performance model. Read the full review. Price: $140 $70

Total Score
Buy Nike Kyrie Infinity

Nike Zoom GT Cut 2

The Nike Air Zoom GT Cut 2 follows one of the most hyped basketball shoes in recent memory, the Nike Zoom GT Cut. The GT Cut features a low-profile, lightweight setup that compares well to last year’s model. The React, full-length Air Zoom Strobel, and heel Zoom unit work well together and provide solid cushioning despite how low this shoe sits to the ground. It’s a quick point guard’s dream shoe, but big guys may want to look elsewhere. Read the full review. Price: $150

Total Score
Buy Nike Air Zoom GT Cut 2

Puma TRC Blaze Court

The Puma TRC Blaze Court continues Puma’s resurgence into the basketball performance sneaker scene. The outsole looks and performs exceptionally. It’s mainly made of multi-directional lines with herringbone in crucial places. This makes shifting from side-to-side a treat and is excellent for shifty players like aspiring point gods. Trinomic and ProFoam+ give point guards enough impact protection to last the whole game. If you haven’t tried Puma basketball, this is an excellent shoe. See the full review. Price: $120

Total Score
Buy Puma TRC Blaze Court

Nike PG 6

The Paul George Signature line is a very solid performance basketball shoe. It is the first shoe in the Paul George signature line to feature a fully foam-based cushioning system, in this case, the shoe features Nike’s React foam. The cushioning and traction are great, and all around the shoe performs really well.

The one big drawback of the PG 6 is the materials Nike used along the upper. They feel and look cheap, but they get the job done so one can’t complain too much, especially if you take into account the shoe’s price. Read the full review. Price: $110

Total Score
Buy Nike PG 6

Puma MB.01 Low

The Puma MB.01 Low offers many of the same performance features as the regular Puma MB.01. It offers more ankle mobility due to its lower collar height. This makes it great for point guards. The traction is grippy while it lasts. The Nitro-infused foam remains responsive and offers adequate impact protection. You can play in these for 2-3 hours without your knees giving you a hard time. If you can find them, we highly recommend picking up a pair. Read the full review. Price: $120

Total Score
Buy Puma MB.01 Low

Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes for Point Guards 2023

Nike KD 15

The Nike KD 15 is a great performer, just like its predecessor. The same tech specs that we came to love are back. The foam midsole is Cushlon, which is soft and plush, and on top of that foam is the full-length Nike Zoom Air Strobel that feels like springs under your feet. The materials have changed slightly, though they’re still breathable and flexible. This feels lower to the ground than the shoe above it. See the full review. Price: $150

Total Score
Buy Nike KD 15
Li-Ning Sonic Team Low

Li-Ning Sonic Team Low

The Li-Ning Sonic Team Low is an outdoor basketball hooper’s dream shoe, especially if you’re a point guard. The outsole is made of what they call “Tuff RB” for tough rubber. The shoe can hold up to not only hours upon hours but also months of outdoor play. The grip was never inconsistent, even on indoor floors. The one caveat is that it can feel bottom-heavy because of how thick the rubber is. The midsole is lightweight and responsive, plus the upper stays true to that character. See the full review. Price: TBA

Total Score
Buy Li-Ning Sonic Team Low

Nike KD 14

The Nike KD 14 is just a great all-around model. It might not be as guard-specific as other sneakers on the list, but it’s a great performer that adapts well to all playing styles.

The full-length Zoom Air strobel mixed with the soft, plush Cushlon is more than enough to keep your legs fresh outdoors. The rubber compound may not be insanely firm, but there’s a lot of tread to wear down, so it should last you a while. Plus, the grip is fantastic. As with any shoe, make sure you get the right size. See the full review. Price: $150

Total Score
Buy Nike KD 14

Best Budget Basketball Shoes for Point Guards 2023

giannis immortality 2 performance review

Nike Giannis Immortality 2

The Nike Giannis Immortality 2 is the same shoe as the first edition. The Phylon midsole does not have any Nike Air or Zoom Air inside it. It’s just foam and is more on the responsive and court-feel side of the spectrum. Because of this, point guards will enjoy this setup. The traction pattern stayed the same, which is good since it offers excellent durability and grip. There are slight material changes, but they are slight. No break-in time is required. Read the full review. Price: $85

Total Score
Buy Nike Giannis Immortality 2

Puma Court Rider 2

The first iteration of the Puma Court Rider was a decent performance model but the Puma Court Rider 2 kicks everything up a notch. The Puma Court Rider had been LaMelo Ball’s Puma model before he got his own signature sneaker, the Puma MB.01.

The traction pattern is very similar to the previous version. The traction is excellent and as an added bonus it works great outdoors. The materials aren’t amazing but, there are several different materials used on the upper and together they make for a dope design and a supportive ride. As far as sizing is concerned most will want to go true to size. These guys are all court feel and traction, very reminiscent of a Kyrie model. Read the full review. Price: $139

Total Score
Buy Puma Court Rider 2

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  1. I have 6 out 10 of these kicks and I’ve called it on other posts on here; the CP3 VI A.E. is my number one. The cushion may have taken the greatest hit, but as a guard, I’m flying and stopping in the blink of an eye. Great shoe and I got nervous of not seeing it on the list after certain picks.

    The UA Anatomix Spawn is already on the list and quite high before we get the performance review. That is impressive.

    I would’ve expected the Hyperdunks 2013 to place higher with it’s packaged setup.

      1. Word, looking forward to the review. I asked about a pair last week at my local House of Hoops and they looked at me crazy. Not many know about this shoe, but they will when word on the street hits.

        Here is what I have on the PG list in purchased order:

        This year I started with the Kobe 8, Rose 3.5, XX8, Crazy Quick, CP3 VI AE, & Hyperdunk 2013. I would’ve been content with just the Kobe 8, but your reviews have piqued my interests and kept me going. I find me a decent Anatomix Spawn colorway and it’s on.

  2. Waah im a 31 yo recreational pg but my plantar fasciitis made me say goodbye to most of these, especially my beloved kobe 8. Only an old pair of Lebron 8 v1 helped relieved the pain. Hope the HD2013 will work.

  3. Can you explain how the cp3.vi ae tops the kobe 8? Cp3.vi ae had decent breath ability and cushion while kobe 8 nailed down all 5 categories. You also stated that kobe 8 had better traction than cp3.vi in your kobe 8 performance review.

    1. Both shoes have the same scores in all categories except cushion. The Kobe 8(Lunarlon) scored 9 and the CP3 VI AE(Podulon) scored 7.

      I remember the Kobe 8 review and Nightwing stated that the traction was quite possibly the best traction SINCE the CP3 VI. That means that the tractions are in the same league.

      My reasons for the CP3 VI AE winning out are:
      1)Price-They are $15 less at $125 vs $140. You can find some colors for $109 though
      2)Durability-The cushion and outsole will last much longer. I dare you to run Kobe 8 outside lol!

      1. Actually in the kobe 8 review in the video he stated that if he had to choose between the two he would choose the kobe 8, but I agree with you

  4. you can always get an XDR version of the kobe 8….
    i don’t really know how to compare the two shoes, i like them just as much as each other most days, and each offers a little something that the other doesn’t, while offering high end performance for dudes who do a lot of sharp cuts and quick movements…i’ve never tried the AE on, but i have two pairs of the regular VIs and they are a marvel to me, podulon is one of my favorite cushions ever, the traction never gives up regardless of what you do, the upper is virtually indestructible, etc. the kobe 8, however, has full length lunarlon, which is a dream, and is really supportive for such a light and flimsy looking shoe.

    but yeah, i would think that the VI would probably win out because- as dime slinger has pointed out- of price and durability. though the 8s surely win on an aesthetic basis, i don’t have money to buy any of them (i have the pythons and ogle at virtually every colorway that has come out since), but the 8s are probably the nicest looking shoe that nike has put out in a while, the mesh giving you loads of different possibilities as far as prints go. the blue lights are really something, and the purple gradients…

    1. Hey Tadatsune, is XDR really that good though? Does it really make the shoe last longer outdoors? I recall you saying in a previous post that your KD Vs (non XDR version) have lasted longer outdoors than some of your shoes with XDR outsoles.

      1. well, the rubber is much harder than the rubber you find on the non-xdr versions, so i would imagine that it does make a difference, though the shallowness/depth of the traction pattern determines, on top of that, how long the outsole will last in general. so, a CP3.VI xdr will probably last you longer than a kobe 8 XDR, which has a pretty shallow traction pattern. the KD V is a strange exception, i wouldn’t take it to mean that XDR is by and large a gimmick…i really wouldn’t use the KD VI outside, for example- the pattern is shallow AND the rubber is extremely soft…

        to expand on my point though, i personally wouldn’t risk taking the non-xdr kobe 8 outside, the rubber is REALLY pliable. same with a lot of adidas’ shoes, i have held off on picking up a pair of the crazyquicks simply because the rubber is softer than anything else out there…

        1. Hey Tadatsune, thanks for explaining that to me. The KD Vs must be a weird exception. When I read that you said that about them a few weeks ago, I was starting to think that maybe XDR is a bit of a gimmick.

          btw, I never asked – What kind of outdoor surface do you play on? That is also another variable that I didn’t consider.

  5. ps the rubber on the cp3.vi/ae is really soft, too, it’s just that the grooves are really deep. i’m not sure how long the regular version would last outside, but i pretty much ruined the traction pattern of a pair of XDR VIs after about 5 months of hard play.

  6. Nightwing, in your opinion, do you think the the cp3.vii might possible top the cp3.vi ae in terms of needs for a point guard?

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