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Way of Wade All City 10 V2: One of the Most Versatile Models from Way of Wade

Way of Wade All City 10 V2

The Way of Wade All City 10 V2 is another high performer from the Way of Wade Brand and its parent company Li-Ning. They just don’t miss.

Colorway: Kinetic Energy

Release Date: 2022

Price: $149

Total Score
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If you haven’t paid attention to Li-Ning and their basketball shoe lineup lately, there’s still time to join the party. This year, some of the best basketball shoes of the year have come from them. The Wade 808 2 is a great performer that uses drop-in midsoles. The Way of Wade 10 is one of our favorite basketball shoes of the year. The Way of Wade All City 10 V2 looks to add to Way of Wade’s growing repertoire of high-performance basketball shoes. The Way of Wade All City 10 V2 made our list of the best basketball shoes and you can also check it out at our Best Li-Ning Basketball Shoes list.

Way of Wade All City 10 V2 Traction

The Way of Wade All City 10 V2 features a solid rubber outsole with some of the tackiest rubber we have seen all year. Etched into that rubber is a herringbone adjacent traction pattern that offers really great multidirectional coverage. The combination of that traction pattern and that super sticky rubber makes the All City 10 V2 grip the court extremely well.

On top of that, the rubber is not only grippy, it’s also very durable, making these a great outdoor option in terms of traction. All in all, the All City 10 V2 offers elite traction which is versatile enough to work well both indoors and outdoors.

Way of Wade All City 10 V2 Cushion

In terms of cushioning, the Way of Wade All City 10 V2 is equipped with a low-profile midsole that features 3/4 length Boom cushioning. Boom is Way of Wade’s premier foam cushioning and it is very similar in terms of performance to adidas Boost. The only portion that isn’t covered by Boom is the very tip of the shoe. This is the exact same setup as in the previous version of the shoe.

This setup should provide a very balanced experience on court with a good amount of impact protection and compression while keeping the shoe reactive and providing plenty of court feel.

Way of Wade All City 10 V2 Materials

Here is where we find the main difference with the first version of the All City 10. The V2 features a lower collar with an updated mesh material, a midfoot strap, a shroud on the forefoot for added containment, and a new heel counter as well. There is nothing premium on the shoe, everything on the All City 10 is synthetic, but it all should perform beautifully on court.

Aside from that, we have a good amount of sculpting and padding in the heel which provides plenty of step-in comfort as well as containment while playing.

Way of Wade All City 10 V2 Support

In terms of support, the Way of Wade All City 10 V2 doesn’t feature anything groundbreaking tech-wise but it is a very supportive shoe all around. We have that low-to-the-ground, stable cushioning, a wide base with loads of contact area with the court, a TPU shank plate, a TPU external heel counter, and then that midfoot strap and those updated materials for added containment.

Your foot also sits within the midsole while wearing the Al City 10 V2, and we have some fuse reinforcements as well. Nothing fancy, but in the end, you get a very secure ride.

Way of Wade All City 10 V2 Fit

The All City 10 V2 fits true to size, so go with whatever size you usually use with Way of Wade. This model is also a great option for wide footers. Way of Wade builds their shoes on a wider last than other brands so their shoes are usually wide-foot-friendly and the All City 10 V2 is no different and is actually featured on our list of the best basketball shoes for wide footers.

Way of Wade All City 10 V2 Overall

The Way of Wade All City 10 V2 is another solid model from Way of Wade, and a very versatile model as well. This shoe offers a combination of performance features that should suit most playing styles and positions well, but will also work well indoors and outdoors and for most foot shapes. If you were thinking of trying out your first Way of Wade basketball shoe, this is a great place to start.

What’s in the video?

In the video, Chris provides detailed information from all the usual categories, providing the in-depth information you need. He supplies expert-level opinions on the materials, cushioning, traction, support, and fit. Here’s some of what he discusses:

  • Sleek and fast aesthetic
  • Tacky rubber with a multidirectional pattern
  • Three-quarters length Boom cushion
  • Tech information on midfoot shank plate
  • No premium materials
  • Functional midfoot strap
  • Awesome heel area sculpting and padding
  • Wide-foot friendly toe box with shroud
  • EVA foam insoles
  • Sizing recommendations

Let us know your opinion on the All City 10 V2 in the comment section below or on YouTube or Twitter.

How to Buy the Way of Wade All City 10 V2

The Way of Wade All City 10 V2 is available for $149 at Way of Wade.

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