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adidas Sunglasses Review: High Quality and Functional

adidas Sunglasses

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking adidas makes sunglasses? I thought they were a sneaker company. And second, you’re thinking, are adidas sunglasses any good? Well, lucky for you, we can answer both of those questions.

First, let’s talk about adidas making sunglasses. The big reveal is that adidas doesn’t manufacture the actual sunglasses. It’s a joint venture with Marcolin Eyewear. Marcolin is one of the world’s leading eyewear and sunglasses manufacturers and the manufacturing muscle behind a bunch of leading eyewear brands including some of the most fashion-forward brands in the world. In this instance, adidas brings the sport focus and expertise while Marcolin brings the lens and frame tech needed to make sports-ready sunglasses.

In late 2022, WearTesters got an early preview of most of the adidas sunglasses line and got to test them in various outdoor sports conditions in Sedona, AZ. We ran, mountain biked, hiked, and played pickleball in the new adidas sunglasses and put them to the test in harsh desert conditions. I complemented the Sedona testing days with some road running and racing in steamy Atlanta, Georgia. The change of venue provided a counterbalance to the dry Arizona conditions and allowed us to get a feel for how adidas sunglasses performed when humidity and rain intensifies.

The teams at adidas and Marcolin created a bunch of different frame options, each with various tech options so that you can find a look and function that best fit you. These reviews focus less on the styles and more on craftsmanship, comfort, and lens quality. After reading our review, you can figure out the tech you want and pair it with the style you prefer. Here are our current favorites among the various adidas sunglasses.

adidas Sunglasses


adidas sunglasses are available in a wide variety of styles, designed for various sports and lighting conditions.

The lens quality and construction are high-end and compete well with other best-selling sunglasses. You will pay a slight premium versus other sunglasses brands.

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    Best Overall adidas Sunglasses

    adidas sunglasses: adidas SP0057

    adidas SP0057

    The adidas SP0057 is a shield-style sunglass with a featherweight frame with flexible arms that allows for a dialed-in fit. Adding to the impressive fit are adjustable nose pads The vents on top allow airflow and completely prevent fogging in humid or damp conditions.

    The SP0057 is available with regular, polarized, or photochromic lenses. The photochromic lens adjusts to get lighter or darker as conditions change and I found it perfect for a very grey race day. I use the polarized version most as it greatly reduces glare on bright sunny days and the shield shape doesn’t allow light to sneak in from the sides. Price: $227

    Best adidas Aviator Style Sunglasses

    adidas sunglasses: adidas SP0060

    adidas SP0060

    The adidas SP0060 is the first aviator style on this list. The plastic and metal frame is super lightweight but still has the heft of a quality build. The frame is flexible and the nosepads are adjustable making it one of the more customizable aviators on the market. And the Kolor Up polycarbonate lenses are crystal clear with a cool color palette that performs on the sunniest of days. The SP0060 is designed for bright summer beach days, whether you’re exercising or hanging out. Price: $150

    Best adidas Sunglasses for Cycling

    adidas sunglasses: adidas SP0064

    adidas SP0064

    The adidas SP0064 is another shield-style sunglass but sporting an under $100 price tag and an even lighter build than the SP0057. The frame feels plasticky but this model makes up for it with a performance focus.

    Ventilation is a key feature as aeration holes both prevent fogging and reduce aerodynamic impact in high-speed sports like cycling. The adjustable nose pads help lock down the glasses on your face and the Contrast lens my pair came with really helped details pop in mixed and low light conditions. Price: $99

    Other Favorite adidas Sunglasses

    adidas sunglasses: adidas SP0063

    adidas SP0063

    The adidas SP0063 is almost the same thing as the SP0064 but with a structural bar (including ventilation holes) across the top. It doesn’t quite allow as much airflow as the SP0064 but enough to prevent fogging. The SP0063 works great for running, hiking, and casual wear and feels a little more sturdy than the SP0064 thanks to its extra support bar. It’ll fit larger faces better but doesn’t add significant weight. Price: $99

    adidas sunglasses: adidas SP0070

    adidas SP0070

    The adidas SP0070 is a semi-rimless style also featuring Kolor Up polycarbonate lenses. As we mentioned with the SP0060, it’s got a cool color palette that makes bright, sunny days a little easier on the eyes while maintaining visual clarity. Playing football on the beach a la Top Gun: Maverick? The SP0070 is perfect for the occasion. And you won’t have to worry about fogging with twelve ventilation holes across the top of the frame. Price: $119

    adidas sunglasses: adidas SP0067

    adidas SP0067

    And yes, adidas does make a classic navigator style. The adidas SP0067 feels sturdy, as a good aviator should, but comes with adidas’ typical flexible frame to help dial in the fit. Price: $109

    Are adidas sunglasses a high-quality option?

    Yes, adidas sunglasses are high-quality options for running, biking, hiking, and general wear. The only drawback is price, which is a little higher than the competition. Overall, the fit, function, lens clarity, and attention to small details justify the price point and adidas’ decision to partner with Marcolin to create this line of sunglasses.

    No other brand that focuses primarily on footwear and apparel has created a line of sunglasses that can compete with legacy sunglasses brands. Thanks to Marcolin, adidas is charting a new path.

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